Christmas Cooking Stencil Set


The Christmas Stencil Set consists of three components;

  • Metal cocoa scoop
  • Mesh conical strainer
  • Set of four Christmas-themed stencils

The 'conical' shape of the strainer helps to create a more directed stream for the falling powders. A typical rounded strainer would result in the powder falling on a large surface area, whereas the conical shape lets the child have more control over where the powder falls - thus making it easier to keep it within the stencil.

The Christmas-themed stencils are;

  • Christmas tree
  • Wreath
  • Star
  • Bell

The Stencil Set can be used to decorate sweet treats - such as biscuits or cupcakes - by carefully dusting powders such as cocoa or icing sugar over the stencil to create a festive shape! 

The Stencils can also be decorated with fine sprinkles.
Depending on the size of the sprinkles they may not need to be placed through the strainer and could just be sprinkled directly onto the stencil. When using sprinkles with young children it is a useful idea to tape over some of the holes on the container. This limits the flow of sprinkles and prevents the child from using too many at once. Another method for limiting the volume of sprinkles is to place a small amount in a shallow bowl so that the child can take a 'pinch' of sprinkles at a time (rather than pouring directly from the container). 

The Stencil Set could also be used to dust cocoa onto the milky froth of a hot chocolate (or the grown ups might even borrow it to add a bit of festivity to a Christmas Cappuccino!) 

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