Christmas Tree Puzzle




This beautiful, colourful puzzle consists of solid wooden pieces representing the base, leaves and ornaments of a Christmas Tree.

The puzzle can be dismantled completely into 17 pieces. Putting this puzzle back together promotes problem-solving skills, fine motor coordination and visual discrimination skills. 

The thick, chunky wooden pieces have a beautiful tactile feel. This mirrors the visual appeal of the attractive, realistic colours. The sections of leaves connect comfortably and leave spaces where the 'ornaments' can be placed in for a satisfyingly snug fit!

The Christmas Tree Puzzle measures 23cm at its tallest (from the base of the tree to the tip of the star) and 20cm at its widest point (from side to side on the broadest point of the lowest leaves).  

The Puzzle comes beautifully presented in its own box (in fact, inside the box it is nestled in a straw-like paper bedding that makes it feel somewhat like it is resting in a 'manger' - very appropriate for the season!).


*Please note: The smallest pieces of the puzzle - such as the 'flames' that can be separated from the candles - are quite small and could therefore potentially pose a choking hazard for young children. If your child, or the children in your care, are still 'mouthing' items then this risk may outweigh the benefits!