Clutch the Stars (Clutching Ring)

Selcta - Honeybees

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Encourage your tiny one to 'reach for the stars' with this delightful Clutch the Stars clutching ring. The ring measures approximately 7.5cm in diameter; perfect for eager little hands! 

The calming blue tones of the beads and rings harmonise with the light colour of the maple wood. The little star shapes are evocative of night-time, helping to add to the ring's overall tone of rest and relaxation.

Blue is often stereotypically associated with 'boys' but the softness of these blues and the maple ensure that this ring is equally appropriate for both male and female babies. There is no inherent 'masculinity' or 'femininity' implied by its appearance and so it can be used to promote gender-neutral attitudes or can be shared (or passed down between) siblings of different genders.

The moveable rings slide back and forth along the natural maple wood curve. The child can use the fingertips to slide these across or can shake the whole ring to watch the rings respond to that large motion. If the large shaking motion is used then the rings make a subtle but appealing rattle sound.

The Clutch the Stars ring encourages the child to grasp the stable wooden half while interacting with the moveable pieces. The spherical wooden beads, and small wooden stars, can be turned and stretched by the fingers. This encourages fine motor movement and refinement. The small moveable pieces can also help to promote early pincer grasps as the baby reaches for the individual segments with the first three fingers on the hand.

Simply holding the stable wooden half can help baby's to develop and strengthen a range of early grasps. A baby below the age of six months will simply curl the fingers around the ring in a 'primitive squeeze' but the older baby (7 months onwards) can continue using the ring with more refined grips. For instance the superior palm grasp (also known as the 'monkey grasp' or the 'inferior scissor grasp') can wrap easily around the ring to incorporate the thumb into the overall grasp.