Coffee Grinder




Motor control & dexterity in the form of grinding fresh coffee for mum and dad? Yes please!


We all love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning - and many parents and teachers probably also quite like the smell of it in the mid-morning...and at lunch time...and mid-afternoon...How else can we keep up with the effervescent and inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm of our little ones?!

So this product is win-win: The child engages in a challenging gross motor experience and the adult is rewarded with a little energy boost as an outcome. 
The aesthetic appeal and intriguing mechanics of this tool will draw your child's attention. Then, under your supervision, your child can master the coordination of movement needed to create the firm yet smooth grinding motion. 
Of course, this is not an isolated activity (when is anything in Montessori ever 'isolated'?!) - your child will also be able to engage in the vital steps of set-up and pack-up. Any experience should ideally contain these phases of preparation, activity, conclusion - and then of course reflection, repetition and refinement! To set up the task your child can transfer the coffee beans through spooning first and then, to encourage the refinement of fine motor control and concentration, using tweezers to move the beans one by one! When the coffee powder is ready the child can pour this into a container (or straight to your plunger!) and can carefully clean the grinder ready for next time before putting away in its rightful position within the Prepared Environment (aka. Kitchen!). 
This is also a great way to introduce subtle eco-friendly ideas to your child. If you have been using an electric coffee grinder/mill then you can tell your child that you will be relying on a new sustainable energy source instead - hand-power!