Cold Press Juicer


My all-time-favourite Practical Life tool - and now in your choice of three colours

There are so many marvellous materials within the Montessori Practical Life curriculum that it is so hard to choose a favourite...but this is mine! It ticks all the boxes that I'm considering when looking for a Practical Life tool to add to our 'Montessori Kitchen'. 


The Cold Press Juicer...

-Engages both gross motor and fine motor control (gross motor strength is needed to crank the handle and push down the fruit while fine motor dexterity is required to put the pieces together, turn the screw to tighten the handle and to pour the fruit juice when finished).
-Encourages prolonged periods of attention and concentration (as the process from 'set-up' through activity all the way to 'pack-up' is consistently engaging for the child).
-Promotes spontaneous acts of collaboration and social interaction (as children often ask a friend to spoon / drop in the fruit while the first child turns the handle).
-Inspires enthusiasm for healthy eating (as children are so delighted by the process that they don't even think twice about consuming the nutritious juice at the end!). 
-Creates an open-ended opportunity for further Practical Life experiences (as this not only makes fruit 'juice' but also creates a fleshy pulp, both of which lend themselves to a variety of recipes, smoothies, ice blocks and more!).
-Is great fun! I just love observing the smiles and giggles and delight as children put this little machine together and create healthy treats!
Perhaps one of the most fantastic things about the Cold Press Juicer is that it can juice so many different fruits and vegetables (and even wheatgrass!). Families and schools both tend to operate under a fairly careful budget so the Cold Press Juicer becomes an extremely cost-effective purchase because all sorts of fruits and veg can be juiced. Whatever you have in the fridge (or whatever is cheap and in season) can most likely be thrown in and juiced successfully! We have used it with strawberries, kiwi fruit, grapes, even soft apples and pears! It makes lots of interesting concoctions, and some of these are a bit experimental, but it is always great fun and gets children to explore new tastes and textures. 
The adaptability of the juicer also allows you to buy locally grown fruit and veg (or to pick from your own garden) because you are not limited to one or two fruits all year round, you can choose whatever is in season in your local area!
I simply can't say enough good things about this item! When I purchased it as a "Montessori teacher" I was already raving about it and recommending it to any colleagues or teachers who would that I'm also a "Montessori supplier" I am delighted that I can put people directly in touch with this fantastic resource. 
The Juicer measures approximately 28cm in length by 20cm height (please note these are not exact measurements as the various components are each slightly different dimensions).