Colour From Nature Stacking Ring




Stacking Rings are a fundamental and universally popular resource for babies and toddlers. They offer many developmental benefits and result in lots of delight and discovery for our littlest learners!

There are a few features that make this Colour From Nature Stacking Ring stand out from the crowd. First and foremost - the colourings on the beautiful rings are all 100% natural, plant-based dyes! This creates a beautiful appearance while promoting eco-friendly practices. Most importantly, it ensures that your precious little one is not exposed to harmful chemicals.

The natural dyes - derived from flowers, leaves, fruits and vegetables - are safe and organic for little hands and also little mouths! It is, of course, very common for bubs and toddlers to use their mouths to explore objects. This is due to the fact that the baby's mouth is extremely sensitive to sensory input. The mouth is essentially the infant's best tool for exploring the world because it detects the most detail. 'Mouthing' is not only healthy, natural behaviour but also very beneficial as it helps the young one to acquire information about the world! The organic dyes of the Colour From Nature Stacking Ring ensure that there is no need to worry when a little one instinctively puts the wooden to his or her mouth. The discs are also nicely rounded around the edges to ensure a smooth, safe and satisfying sensory experience for the hands or the mouth! 

The plant-based dyes showcase another element of natural beauty; the rainbow spectrum as it appears to the human eye! The Colour From Nature Stacking Ring follows the sequence of rainbow colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. This provides a perfect opportunity for an adult to engage with the child to explore colours. The adult can simply start by role modelling these terms - eg "I'm going to put the orange disc on next" - and can eventually progress to encouraging the child to verbalise these names too by asking questions such as "What colour should be next?". 

The discs vary in colour but also size. The tower is ideally built by starting with the largest disc and stacking consecutively smaller discs on top - with the 'cherry on the cake' being the red sphere at the top. These descending sizes offer the opportunity to introduce lots of descriptive terms such as "largest", "smallest", "larger" and "smaller". 

The presence of five discs, with the red sphere sitting atop the tower, also provides an opportunity for an early counting experience. An adult might simply count aloud as the discs are placed on the dowel - 1..2...3..4...5! An older toddler may start mirroring this behaviour, spontaneously attempting to count along independently. 

Working with the Colour From Nature encourages a young child to engage in problem-solving and persistence as he or she experiments with the different patterns and variations. It also promotes hand-eye coordination as the child attempts to align the wooden dowel with the hole in each disc.

Finally (and it might sound like a funny detail to mention!) the Colour From Nature Stacking Ring come in a clearly labelled and illustrated box! Any parent or teacher knows how challenging it can be to find storage space for all the treasures. Materials that have a clearly labelled box (like this one!) are extraordinarily helpful in this regard as they are easier to store, stack and then locate! A quick glance in the cupboard and you can easily see the box. It saves you from rooting around underneath and behind other resources or opening countless generic boxes to find it.