'Colour Chess' Memory Game


A unique game that encourages concentration, attention to detail and cooperative behaviours through a colour matching memory game.

The circular board has a diameter of approximately 28cm. Each piece (when withdrawn from the board) measures approximately 4.5cm in height with a diameter of around 1.5cm.

Recommended for 3 players from ages 3+


(Instructions are included in the box so please don't worry about trying to memorise this description!) 

Each player takes a turn to roll the dice. On each side of the dice is a c colour - purple, blue, yellow, red, green or natural wood. 

The player tries to find the corresponding colour on the game board by picking up one piece. If the piece matches the colour shown on the dice the player keeps it. If the piece does not match it is returned to its spot on the game board. 

On the first few turns the process is essentially 'luck' as the player simply guesses where the colour could be. 

After a few turns, however, increasing levels of strategy set in as children can remember seeing the colours during earlier turns. Memory comes into play not only to identify where a specific colour is hiding but also when using a process of elimination to make a logical, informed guess about where a colour is likely to be. 


For younger children the main benefit of the game is its influence on memory and attention - the nature of the game encourages each child to actually remain focused and observing the turns of the other children rather than only engaging during his/her own turn. 

For older children there are many opportunities for extension, such as using the game to discuss chance, data and probability within the context of a maths lesson.



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