Couture Jouets (Sewing Kit)

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The title on the front of this case reads 'Couture Jouets d'hier' - which essentially translates to 'Sewing Toys of Yesterday'.

This whimsical title really encapsulates what this set provides. It is, put plainly, a sewing kit but on top of that it is a chance to time travel...a way to open the door back to simpler 'yesterdays' when a child and grandparent might sit side-by-side knitting (rather than both staring with glazed eyes at digital screens!). 

This is a Kit that will inspire little hands to create and craft, not just swipe and type. It is so beautiful that it will hopefully be the seed that grows into a lifelong love of sewing. 

The Sewing Kit consists of;

  • Measuring tape
  • Four colours of thick thread
  • Three colours of fine thread
  • French knitting frame ('mushroom' knitter)
  • French knitting needle 
  • Sewing scissors
  • Buttons
  • Thimble
  • 3 sewing needles (with large 'eyes' to facilitate successful threading)
  • Knitting needles
  • Five colours of wool

Please note: if you're not sure how to 'French knit' with the 'mushroom' then please visit this link for a WikiHow tutorial.

The cute suitcase is more than just a pretty face. The case itself is part of the kit! It is sturdy enough to keep for the long-term as a way of storing, presenting and transporting the tools inside! The suitcase features an interior frame that can hold each individual item in place with elastic. This looks beautiful and creates a 'point of interest' to keep inviting the child back to the activity. It also promotes a sense of order and develops the practical life skill of 'care for the materials' as the child can take great pride in carefully replacing each tool rather than just randomly throwing them back in.

Please note: The contents of the suitcase may shift in transit. We therefore recommend opening and checking the layout of the box prior to presenting it to a child (especially if it is a special gift!). If you're unsure where a particular item should be replaced then you can check the photographs in our gallery as a guide.

The case measures 26cm x 18cm x 10cm h. It has a metal latch and handle. The exterior is so attractive that the suitcase itself can be a decorative feature in a child's room (or classroom).  

The Sewing Kit is particularly special because it is gender neutral. There is nothing in the kit, or on the suitcase, to suggest that it is intended for one gender more so than the other. It is equally appealing to, and relevant for, males and females. This promotes a sense of equality by ensuring that there is no division between the activity being seen as "for girls" or "for boys". The gender neutrality also makes it a more useful tool within schools or in families with multiple children. It can be shared between classmates or passed down between siblings (if it is cared for well, and refilled regularly, perhaps this could even be kept as a family tradition to pass down from parent to child). 

The Sewing Kit is equally appropriate for a wide-range of ages. A pre-schooler might enjoy learning the fundamental basics (even tasks as simple but vital as learning to read measurements on the tape or learning to handle knitting needles safely). An older child could use the contents of the box to facilitate elaborate knitting projects, or to mend damaged clothing (some children today might be amazed to discover that you can mend a tear or sew back on a button rather than just buying new clothes!). The fact that all the tools are real and functional ensures that a child of any age will feel empowered to engage in meaningful, purposeful exploration.

This kit is from the world-renowned Moulin Roty range. Moulin Roty enjoys a well-deserved reputation for unique, high-quality tools and treasures for children. Their items have a 'classic' and timeless feel that may evoke a hint of nostalgia for the adults who encounter them while inspiring true delight for the children who discover them!

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