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This unique little tool is the perfect 'point of interest' to inspire budding chefs (children and adults alike!) to add a bit of unique garnish!

Cucumbo is a 'spiral slicer' - designed for cucumbers and zucchinis to be turned (pun intended!) into a cute, coiled snack!

The Cucumbo is a compact tool - measuring only 7cm across - so it's a good size for little hands to manipulate. The motion needed to use the Cucumbo is much like sharpening a pencil. 

Please note: We would like to be really upfront and say that the Cucumbo doesn't consistently create the 'picture perfect' spirals that you see on cooking shows! The reality of the tool is that it has a plastic 'blade' so it is not making sharp, precision cuts. The firmness of the cucumber/zucchini also plays a role in how effectively and smoothly the spirals appear. Above all - the tool requires dexterity! This is a really positive attribute - because it encourages children to keep refining a new and challenging skill - but it is important to note that it's not necessarily "easy" to get the timing and movements right. I use the Cucumbo in my classroom precisely because it's challenging, but we share this with you so that you can make an informed decision about introducing it into your own kitchen environment.