Deluxe Mini Masher


The Deluxe Mini Masher measures approximately 17cm in length. 

The use of a Masher helps to promote upper body strength while still maintaining a need for control and coordination of movement. 

The Deluxe Mini Masher is special due to its use of a single bar zig-zag shaped 'teeth' (rather than the crosshatch of traditional mashers). 

This zig-zag base is strong, and does not have small holes for pieces to become lodged in, and is therefore ideal for thicker mashing, such as avocados and berries. The Deluxe Mini Masher is therefore perfect for budding patisserie chefs who are looking to make sweet treats!


Mashers are a much-loved tool in my classroom but my favourite Masher moment occurred in a Montessori home. My friend, colleague and inspirational Montessori-mum Alison shared a story with me about a surprise that she encountered after a recent phone call. She was on the phone, chatting to a friend, as her 4 year old son busied himself nearby in the kitchen. In her peripheral vision Alison could see that he was happily and actively engaged but she couldn't quite identify what he was doing. When Alison ended her phone call she discovered that her son had been busily preparing a bowl of avocado dip for her! He had done this entirely spontaneously, without any suggestion or guidance from an adult! Alison had presented this process to him in the past but on this occasion he completed all the steps independently; using his Kiddie Kutter knife to open the avocado, scooping out the flesh, mashing it up, cutting a lemon to squeeze in some juice and then adding a touch of pepper for flavour.



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