Dog Drink Bottle



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A practical tool to promote your Montessori child to participate in the 'Care of animals'. This unique Dog Drink Bottle helps to keep your pet pooch happy and hydrated while out and about. Even on a long walk on a hot summer's day the dog has access to a portable drink fountain! 

While the bottle is resting in the water tray (available in red or blue) the cap is sealed and the bottle does not leak. When the bottle is moved into the upright position it can be squeezed gently to let water flow into the tray. The dog can then lap up the water. The bottle rotates easily into each position so even a very young child is able to open and close it to offer the drink. The child can also learn to promote 'Grace and Courtesy' lessons for the puppy by choosing a particular command to draw the dog's attention to the drink. In our home we use the command 'sit' and 'thirsty'. When we are at the park or on a walk we often notice children watching with delight as my niece or I ask Ringo if he is 'thirsty' and then offer him a drink from his bottle!

As a side note, a child offering the bottle to a dog can be a good reminder that the child needs some water too! Parents and carers alike know that it can sometimes be hard to convince a child to stop playing long enough to rehydrate. A child is likely to jump at the chance to give the dog a drink, as it is fun and feels empowering, and this gives the adult the perfect moment to suggest that the puppy might like to see the child have a drink too!

The Dog Drink Bottle features a clip on the tip which can be attached to a belt loop or the dog's leash. The bottle easily screws out of the water tray to be refilled. Even a young child will be able to participate in unscrewing the bottle to refill it and then replacing it to the water tray. 

The Dog Drink Bottle also offers a way for nervous children to begin interacting with, and caring for, a dog with a bit of a 'barrier' between them. My own Montessori dog, Ringo, is an absolute whirlwind of energy when he is around children. He loves to play (and lick!) which some children enjoy but others find a little overwhelming. Ringo and I recently visited the home of a friend who has three lovely young daughters. Each of the girls found Ringo's energy a little confronting at first and were a little uncertain about picking up his slobbery ball or offering him a treat from their hands. When I demonstrated his Drink Bottle we found the perfect item to help them feel safe to engage with him! The girls all felt confident to independently hold out his bottle so that he could have a drink (even little 3 year old Caitlin, who snuck up to give him a drink all by herself when the rest of us were searching in the bushes for his ball!). The size of the bottle allowed them to stand back to maintain little bit of distance between their bodies and Ringo while giving them the chance to feel the pride and empowerment of caring for this cute canine!