Double Hoe


This handy gardening tool actually provides two functions in one for your budding gardener.

It features a double end with a square blade on one side and two tines on the other. This makes it perfect as a hoe and also a cultivator. It measures approximately 75cm in length with the double end measuring approximately 12cm.

The Double Hoe can be used for a range of purposes including;

  • Aerating soil
  • Cultivating
  • Weeding (including removing weed seedlings before they've sprouted above the soil's surface) 
  • Chopping roots
  • Digging

The movements that a child undertakes to manipulate the Double Hoe will provide a unique gross motor experience. It requires core strength as well as physical coordination and balance.


Please note: Due to it's length the Rake attracts our Heavy/Bulky Goods shipping fee of $28. This is a flat fee so you can add other items to your order and your shipping cost will remain $28.

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