Felt Ball


Each Felt Ball measures approximately 8 or 9cm. This makes it an ideal size for a young one to grasp - initially with two hands and then with one.


Eight colours are available - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (dark inky blue), violet (purple) and rainbow.


The use of a small ball encourages a toddler to engage in purposeful movement - pushing the ball forward along the ground then crawling or walking to catch it.


The Felt Balls are also ideal for adult-child interactions. The adult can instigate games promoting motor coordination - such as rolling or throwing the ball back and forth. Children may also enjoy playing these games together, with a pair or small group of peers. The softness of the balls makes them perfect for safe, indoor use.

For a smaller Felt Ball, which can be used for transferring and sorting exercises, please view our Small Felt Ball listing. 

The manufacturer formally recommends this material for ages 3 plus. For legal reasons we can’t officially contradict this recommendation. I can, however, point out that I choose to use these in our Playgroup with toddlers. The balls are a perfect grasping size for an infant or toddler’s hands (and too big to represent a choking/swallowing hazard as a whole). We trust you to use your own judgement, expertise and supervision when deciding when to introduce this material to your child (or the children in your class). 

All Papoose products are made with natural fibres and non-toxic dyes. They are made in Nepal with fair labor.

Please note that these items are handmade, using old fashioned techniques not automated machinery. It is therefore inevitable that some inconsistencies will be present. Each felt ball or bowl may be slightly different from the next, in terms of exact size, shape or shade. These unique attributes are meant as part of the charm of the item but if you are looking for exact uniformity then you should consider a factory made alternative.