Felt Ball String

Mandala Traders



The Felt Ball String is the perfect option for a cute but subtle bit of children's decor.

It provides a little splash of colour here and there without creating a visually overwhelming space. The string of coloured felt balls can be hung in a variety of locations or arrangements - strung across a mantle piece, hanging beneath a window or artfully draped across a bookshelf or above a desk. The Felt Ball String does not relate to a specific age group or transient interest and so it can be a long-lasting piece of decoration that grows with the child.

The Felt Ball String features 48 coloured balls and measures 240cm in length.

The Felt Ball String is also a great Christmas decoration. It can be strung across a mantlepiece between stockings (perhaps alongside the matching felt of our Christmas Cooking Stocking) or wrapped around a Christmas tree. The Felt Ball String can be reused every year, making it an eco-friendly alternative to decorations such as tinsel, which tends to be short-lived and disposable. The Felt Ball String also provides colour and brightness to a Christmas tree without requiring the electricity or batteries of fairy lights.


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Please note: When you hang or arrange your Felt Ball String please exercise caution and keep out of reach of young children as the item, like any strand or string, could be a strangulation hazard if a child was able to intentionally or accidentally wrap a loose cord around his/her neck.