Felt Rainbow Sorting Set

Colours of Australia


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The Rainbow Sorting Set features seven felt bowls, each containing seven small felt balls. The bowls measure approximately 12cm in diameter. The bowls have a depth of around 7cm. The small balls measure approximately 3cm. The bowls are quite soft, so they are not always presented as perfect circles, but can be manipulated into shape.

Each set of bowl and balls represents one colour of the rainbow spectrum; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. The indigo and violet are quite true representations of these colours - a very dark blue, with only a hint of inky purple, for the indigo and a lighter purple for the violet (whereas many “rainbow” activities just feature red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple).

The Set can be used in its entirety for a child to sort the balls into their coloured bowls.  

If a child is not immediately ready to sort all seven colours at a time then the activity could be broken into smaller steps. Initially a young child could just practice the hand-eye coordination of placing one colour of the balls into one colour of the bowls. An adult can scaffold this by introducing the names of the relevant colour. A child could then start sorting two or three colours at a time. Each time he/she masters that level the adult can introduce another colour of the bowl/balls.

The materials could also be arranged to introduce the concept of primary and secondary colours. A sorting exercise (either by hand or with tools) could be arranged to represent the two primary colours that mix to make one secondary colour - such as blue and red making purple. An adult can scaffold this by deliberately explaining the concept of colour mixing (and the interest piqued by the activity could be translated to mixing paints or mixing coloured waters to see this transformation in action!).

The set can also be extended through the use of utensils. The balls are the perfect size to suit a range of utensils, such as a ladle, tongs or tea infuser. These tools could be introduced as part of a transferring or sorting exercise.


All Papoose products are made with natural fibres and non-toxic dyes. They are made in Nepal with fair labor.

Please note that these items are handmade, using old fashioned techniques not automated machinery. It is therefore inevitable that some inconsistencies will be present. Each felt ball or bowl may be slightly different from the next, in terms of exact size, shape or shade. These unique attributes are meant as part of the charm of the item but if you are looking for exact uniformity then you should consider a factory made alternative.