Finding Your Element

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If you haven't heard of Sir Ken Robinson then you need to pop over to YouTube and watch one of the following videos:

Those videos - and the passionate message Ken Robinson communicates in them - are likely to fill you with a sense of desperation and inspiration. The sense of desperation comes from the sad realisation that there is so much wrong with many of the systems and expectations of the traditional school structure. The sense of inspiration comes from feeling empowered to look for ways to change this! 

Sir Ken Robinson is a world-renowned advocate for the transformation of education. You can view his full website here.


Finding Your Element is one of Ken's books. It is based on his belief in the importance of finding, and working with, your personal 'element'. According to Ken the 'element' is the point where "your personal passions and natural talents meet".

Finding Your Element is not a Montessori book, nor is it a parenting book. It is a guide to finding a true sense of happiness by respecting your right to meaningful work. Herein lies its connection to Montessori and to parenting (or teaching); the child learns from the adult. If an adult treats work like drudgery, and seems dissatisfied or resentful about their daily life, then these attitudes are likely to be absorbed by the child. Allowing yourself to 'find your element' can potentially create a happier, healthier role model for the children in your care. 

Finding Your Element also includes tips to empower your child(ren) to find their element too. The process, for adult and child alike, involves steps such as;

  • Identifying what you are good at,
  • Identifying what you love and what makes you happy,
  • Considering your current attitude,
  • Considering your current place and position in life, 
  • Thinking about your 'tribe',
  • Planning 'What's Next?'