First Sound Blocks



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Back by popular demand! This is an item that 'Montessori Child' used to stock when it was under the stewardship of the lovely Amy Johnson. After several customer requests we have decided to get it back!

The First Sound Blocks are an ideal starting point for a toddler who is just starting to stack and build with a sense of creative vision.

The First Sound Blocks feature a combination of natural wood and primary colours. The coloured blocks provide an opportunity for a parent or educator to introduce the vocabulary of 'blue', 'red' and 'yellow'. 

The coloured pieces hold a special secret - each colour creates a different sound! Toddlers will enjoy shaking these blocks to reveal the sound within - and perhaps even matching the pairs of sounds!

The blocks are neatly contained in a sturdy wooden tray. The tray allows the blocks to remain visible (and within reach!) so it can be placed on the shelf in the prepared environment to invite the child towards activity. This tray also provides an organised way for the child to care for his/her materials when packing them up after use. The tray measures approximately 24cm x 19cm. 

The set features 14 blocks in total, consisting of;

  • 4 x triangular prisms (natural wood)
  • 2 x square based rectangular prisms (1 x red, 1 x yellow)
  • 2 x cylinders (1 x red, 1 x blue)
  • 2 x cubes (1 x yellow, 1 x blue)
  • 2 x flat rectangular prisms (natural wood)
  • 2 x half-cubes (natural wood)


Finally (and it might sound like a funny detail to mention!) the First Sound Blocks come in a clearly labelled and illustrated box! Any parent or teacher knows how challenging it can be to find storage space for all the treasures. Materials that have a clearly labelled box (like this one!) are extraordinarily helpful in this regard as they are easier to store, stack and then locate! A quick glance in the cupboard (or, in our case, on top of it!) and you can easily see the box. It saves you from rooting around underneath and behind other resources or opening countless generic boxes to find it. 

Manufacturer's recommended age range: 24 months +