Flat Tray Basket



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The Flat Tray Basket is small, light and soft. It measures approximately 27cm x 17cm.

Due to its small size and light weight it is a great first basket for infants and toddlers. Its 'flat' dimensions mean that everything in the basket is easily visible even to a crawling child or a baby on his/her tummy. The basket can be used as a display for various clutching, grasping or sensory tools (as shown below).

The Flat Tray Basket features Abacus RattleColour Whirligig and Clutch the Stars Ring. 


The Flat Tray Basket is also ideal for displaying very small objects. It can contain tiny treasures effectively, allowing them to stand out against the neutral background and remain prominently visible. Larger baskets can overwhelm little treasures, making them less visually attractive, whereas this small Flat Tray Basket ensures that even the smallest objects will stand out as a point of interest. This is shown below with some crystals from our Nature's Treasures collection.