Flower Species Models & Cards



A set of realistic models and corresponding cards to help introduce the names of various species of flowers. A wonderful botany lesson that is as aesthetically beautiful as it is informative!

The set includes; bird of paradise, daffodil, hibiscus, lotus, orchid, rose, sunflower, tulip.

This exercise helps to promote language skills (in terms of both verbal and written language), concentration, attention to detail and the abstraction of information. The child first explores the models and then begins to match these 'concrete' 3-dimensional models to the more 'abstract' images on the cards. The images show the flowers in their natural form (as opposed to a photograph of the model). This is intended to help a child develop a spontaneous interest in spotting and identifying these floral friends in their natural surroundings! The images on the cards have also been specially selected to closely resemble the models.

The Cards are handmade by Montessori Child's own Jessica Langford, based on the sets used in her own Montessori Pre-school classroom. We take the time to prepare the cards to help save your precious time for engaging and interacting with your little learners!


Please note - rounded corners on the cards are available by request. Please send a note with your order if you'd prefer these rounded corners.


The Models and Cards can be used for a variety of activities;

  • Encourage 'matching' skills as the child matches the object to the large card.

  • Use just the card (without the models) to lead the child towards abstraction by identifying illustrations
  • Introduce early literacy skills such as letter identification and whole-word recognition as a child matches the word-only card to the control card.
  • Promote advanced literacy skills by demonstrating how to use the cards as the basis for creating a 'Flower Book'. The child can use the photographs to inspire an illustration of each flower and then use the printed word as guidance to write that under the drawing. 
  • Play a 'Mystery Bag' game by placing all the models inside a fabric bag (or under a piece of thin fabric) so that the child can try to identify the species based solely on the feel of the shape of the model.



The Flower Species Cards are provided as a single set of picture and word cards. They are not initially provided in the '3 Part Card' format that some of our other model sets feature. If you would like to create 3 Part Cards then please add an order note and we will email  you a copy of the document. This will allow you to print an additional set to use for matching (and you can then reprint if you ever lose a card!).