Fraction Puzzles



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Available in two variants - Circle Fractions or Square Fractions.

Both variants display the four most basic fractons: whole (1/1), half (1/2), thirds (1/3) and quarters (1/4).

The Fraction Puzzles can be used to introduce the mathematical concepts of fractions - and their related terminology - but it can also be used simply as a problem-solving puzzle. Two and three year old children will enjoy trying to replace the pieces, experimenting with different placements and using 'trial-and-error' strategies to complete all four circles or squares.



The photos below demonstrate an extension activity that I use with my Pre-school children. After working with the Fraction Puzzle first as a puzzle, then to learn the vocabulary of fractions we then move on to the child creating his/her own representation of these fractions. In each step the child folds, cuts and colours paper to represent the relevant fraction. 

In these images you will notice we have created a 'control' sheet that goes along with the puzzle. This laminated sheet provides an illustrative representation of each fraction along with the various ways of representing it with language, such as:

 1 piece =



2 pieces =




As with all of our wooden resources the Fraction Puzzles are made from sustainable, plantation sources. The paints are non-toxic.