Grabber Tweezers


Parents and educators alike are often extremely eager to assist young children with the development of fine motor control. This is particularly true because of the impact of fine motor control on the development of writing skills. The use of tweezers is an ideal pre-writing exercise to develop strength, control and coordination in the hands and fingers. Yet often tongs or tweezers are too large for very little hands - which is where the 'Grabber Tweezers' come in. 

Measuring just 8cm in length and 3cm in width they are perfect for younger children due to their petite size that fits perfectly into tiny toddler hands (*learn more by scrolling to the bottom of the product listing), or into the grasp of an older child who would benefit from some remedial support.

Recommended for ages 2+

The Grabber Tweezers come in six colour options (please choose your preference from the drop-down menu) and all feature a unique 'point of interest' to attract a child's attention - the appearance of a little crocodile (or alligator). The Tweezers are designed to look like the open mouth of a croc or gator, with the child then 'catching' objects between the jaws. 

Tweezers can be used during real Practical Life tasks - such as for transferring seeds into a cosy hole in the soil ready for planting or 

They can also be used to make the 'Practical Life Exercises' that are presented in many Montessori classrooms and homes. The tweezers can be used to transfer, sort or count out small objects - as in the suggestions below!


*The span of the Tweezers - that is, the distance between the two sides when the tongs are in their resting state - is only around 2-3cm at the point where a child is likely to grip them.
The span is really the more important measurement when considering tongs - if the resting span is too wide then it can be hard for a child to arrange their grip initially and to maintain this during use. Younger children (2 - 3 years of age) will often resort to using two hands together when using broad tongs and so this is not ideal if the intended purpose of the tool is to promote fine motor control and pincer grip. These short-spanned tongs are fantastic for younger children to begin to use a single-hand pincer grasp and for older children to focus on refining that hold.