Grasping Butterfly

Bright Spark



A simple yet elegant design allows the natural beauty of the beech wood to stand out. The Grasping Butterfly is appropriate for even the youngest infants as it features no loose parts and no sharp edges.

The Butterfly measures approximately 13cm at its widest point (the span of the larger wings) and has a heigh of approximately 8.5cm from the top of the wing to the bottom. This puts it on the larger end of the scale of grasping toys, which makes it perfect for holding with a dual hand grip. It is also ideal for the child to pass from one hand to another. 

The most unique feature of the Grasping Butterfly is its centre. It features a hollow circle with a wooden screw. Upon this screw is an orange nut. The circular frame prevents the nut from ever coming free but it can move up and down along the screw as it is turned. This encourages the baby to interact with the nut. This may be through incidental experimentation, where random movements of the hands result in a movement of the nut, or through intentional fine motor coordination, where the child purposefully turns the nut to the left or right.