Rotary Grater

D Line



Gross motor movements = great grated ingredients!

The 3 drum grater is a fantastic addition to your child's Montessori Kitchen, or even just to a shelf of Practical Life or gross-motor activities. 

This tool allows a child to deliver a larger volume of grated ingredients, ensuring that he or she can be actively and successfully involved in the cooking experience. 
It requires a surprising amount of strength, coordination and endurance to keep the grater 'hovering' in the air and squeezing the compartment closed with one hand while turning the handle with the other.
This makes the perfect 'gross-motor' accompaniment to the smaller standing graters, which involve a greater emphasis on fine motor movements. It is therefore ideal for younger children, as motor development tends to progress from 'global' to 'local' coordination, or for those older children who either greatly enjoy large movements or who may need a bit of encouragement to build muscle-tone. It can be very tempting as adults to focus on the importance of fine motor control, particularly in relation to writing, but don't forget that the wrist and arm are also involved in the writing process too. Precision movement of the pincer fingers is fantastic, but a lack of muscle-tone in the surrounding hand and arm can cause early fatigue when writing! If you know your child, or one of your students, has a precise pencil grip but seems to tire quickly of writing or drawing then perhaps it is time to incorporate some more gross motor experiences into your home or classroom environment. 
This is also a great opportunity for children to experiment with hand-dominance. Both the left and right hand will need to be simultaneously involved in this task, but for different aspects. By trying both tasks with each hand, and swapping back and forth, your child may become more attuned to which side feels more controlled and comfortable.