Growing Puzzle Set



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A unique puzzle set that encourages children to learn about nature and life cycles while developing their problem-solving skills!

The Growing Puzzle Set features six life cycles found in the natural world and depicts the four main stages of each of these cycles of growth. It includes:

  • Apple tree (bare branches - thick foliage - flowering - apple)
  • Chicken (egg - hatching - chick - adult hen)
  • Pumpkin (seed - germination - flowering - pumpkin)
  • Butterfly (eggs - caterpillar - cocoon - butterfly)
  • Sunflower (seeds - germination - bud - flower)
  • Frog (egg spawn - tadpole - tadpole with legs - frog) 

As children work to sort and sequence the pieces they learn about the wonders of nature and exercise their motor control while also building their memory, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

It is recommended by the manufacturer for ages 18 months +

This beautiful set features wooden puzzle pieces, so it is more long-lasting and durable than cardboard puzzles or matching games. Each piece measures approximately 5cm x 5cm, so when a life cycle set of four is pieced together it measures approximately 20cm in width and 5cm in height. 

The level of difficulty with this puzzle set can be adapted according to the needs of the child. A younger child, or one using the material for the first time, might be given only the four pieces of a particular set (such as the frog life cycle) in order to focus simply on the sequencing aspect of the task (egg spawn - tadpole - tadpole with legs - frog). The level of challenge can then be increased by presenting two (or more) sets at a time, so that the child first has to sort them into their differing categories before sequencing them. An older or more experienced child - or a group working together - could then be given all of the pieces at once and attempt to organise and sequence all of them. 

Isolating a single life cycle sequence from the set can also be a great way to link the puzzle to a unit of inquiry about a particular topic - such as creating a butterfly investigation area with the butterfly life cycle set alongside butterfly themed books, our Butterfly Life Cycle Models, Butterfly Species Matching Cards and a beautifully framed real Butterfly specimen