Guide to Montessori & The EYLF


The "Montessori & the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)" set is a detailed document focusing on highlighting connections between the Early Years Learning Framework for early childhood services and the Montessori approach.

The 'Montessori & the EYLF' document delves into each of the Principles, Practices and Outcomes (including the 'sub-headings' of these outcomes).

All of these factors are explored in this document, which looks at how the Montessori methodology and philosophy connects with each of these EYLF expectations. 

After exploring the listed examples of how the Montessori philosophy and methodology apply in each element your individual service can contribute additional examples from your own centre to differentiate your unique application and solidify your confidence about how to demonstrate your commitment to the EYLF within the framework of your Montessori principles.


By using the "Montessori & the EYLF" documents your staff members can feel prepared and empowered about how the Montessori program connects and fits with the EYLF and how to communicate (through actions, words or physical evidence) elements of the Montessori philosophy.


The documents are provided in Microsoft Word format on USB so that you can add and edit as needed to reflect the individual approach of your centre.


These documents were previously available through the Montessori Australia Foundation, but were originally developed by Jessica Langford (co-owner of Montessori Child) and we are proud to now offer professionals the exclusive opportunity to access these resources directly from their author. This also allows us to provide a more accessible pricing structure, particularly for those who are not subscribers of the Montessori Australia Foundation.