Handy Scooper



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 The 'Handy Scooper' is a unique tool that allows children to develop motor coordination while particularly focusing on strengthening the thumb and fingers used in the 'pincer' grip. 

A fantastic feature of this particular tool is that it mimics the movements of scissors. This allows children another opportunity to explore the same grasp and motions required to use scissors effectively. This might be particularly useful for parents who do not yet feel completely confident with their little one handling scissors unsupervised, but who recognise that they need an opportunity to master that skill. The Handy Scooper lets the child practice the movements without the presence of a blade, making it easier for an adult to feel comfortable about letting this experimentation happen unaided or unobserved. It also provides a 'remedial' experience for older children, particularly those with physical or developmental challenges, who may need to revisit the grasp and motions of scissor-use without the risk of injury.

The 'bulb' of the scooper is slightly larger than a ping pong ball. 

The Handy Scooper is approximately 16cm 'tall' (from the base of the bulb to the top of the handles) and when the handles are fully opened there is approximately 12cm between them (meaning they could be used by older children

The Handy Scooper comes in 4 colour combinations. These are provided by 'lucky dip' but if you have a particular preference please feel free to request this by adding an order note during checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your preference if possible. 

Please note - the manufacturer's recommendation is that this tool is intended for ages 3+. For legal reasons we cannot directly contradict this advice but I would like to share that, as a Montessori teacher, I personally choose to use this in my own classroom with children who are younger as it seems to suit their developmental level. 

Recommended for ages 3+