Hedgehog Chopping Board




Personally I would be inclined to call this an Echidna Chopping Board, but its technical name is Hedgehog so I'll stick with that for the listing!

The delightful appearance of the chopping board provides a beautiful point-of-interest to invite the child towards activity.

The spikes of the Hedgehog (or echidna!) are reminiscent of the serrated edge of a knife (like our Kiddie Food Kutter knives).

The board is quite large - measuring 30cm x 25cm - so it provides sufficient space for meaningful food preparation.


Both sides of the flat surface show the natural grain of the wood but the outer edges are covered in a red colouring. This provides a visible border that helps to define the board. This ensures that the wooden board can be placed on a wooden table without the child mistakenly chopping on the table.

The Hedgehog Chopping Board being used in my classroom to prepare some pineapple squares. 
The process above also utilised our Strawberry Jug and Fruit Dishes.


It is important to be aware that any wooden chopping board, including our Hedgehog, requires careful cleaning and maintenance. You can view sites like Home Improvement Pages for details but the main points to consider are;

  • Always hand wash the board rather than placing it in the dishwasher.
  • Bicarb soda and lemon juice can be used to remove stains and to disinfect the boards.
  • It is important to avoid cross-contamination; don't chop raw meat on the same board that will be used for chopping raw vegetables.