Herb Mill

Montessori Child



A stainless steel Herb Mill perfect for chopping up large quantities of leafy herbs!

It is intended for Parsley but can work effectively with some other herbs.

An ideal part of a cooking process that encourages the use of fresh ingredients. It also creates a beautiful, aromatic atmosphere as the strong scents of the herbs are released as they are chopped.

The perfect tool for a child who is helping to cultivate a herb garden either at home or in the school yard. 

The Mill can be held over a bowl or container to catch the shredder herbs in order to measure them for a recipe. Alternatively it can simply be held over the finished meal if the fresh herbs are being added as a garnish!

The blade handle can be placed on either the left or the right hand side of the mill. This allows a young child to experiment with which hand feels more natural in order to help determine hand-dominance. An older child can use this feature to adapt the tool according to whether he/she is left handed or right handed.

Once the blade handle has been tucked away (and locked into place with the small latch) the child does not have to put his/her fingers near any sharp components. 

The Mill measures 18cm in length. The main handle is 10cm long with the herb compartment measuring 7 x 7 x 7cm (thus holding quite a few leaves at a time!)