All the materials a child needs to build a water-powered catapult! 

An engaging and challenging project and a tangible example of the force of hydraulic power! 

The set includes all the plywood pieces, tubes and syringes to push the water power through and a small clay ball ready to be launched from the catapult! Comprehensive instructions are provided.

The building process is an amazing opportunity for a focused individual child (or a group of collaborators!) to engage in problem-solving, scientific exploration, hand-eye coordination and attention to detail. When the catapult is ready to use it can inspire considerations of scientific concepts such as angles and trajectories.

The catapult itself might also launch (pun intended!) an exploration into the relevant military history. Catapults have been used in battle since ancient Greek and Medieval Times, with Leonardo da Vinci himself designing the bent-wood style that was used in the Renaissance era.

 Recommended for ages 8+.