'I Love You' Mini Cookie Cutter Set


Prepare to make some teeny-tiny declarations of love! This adorable miniature cookie cutter set allows you to literally spell out how you feel about a loved one. 

Each individual letter is approximately 2.5cm in height, and around 2cm in width (depending on the letter). The love heart measures 2.7cm in height and around 2.6cm at its widest point. The eight individual cutters come contained in a cute, compact container - the tin measures just under 7cm in diameter and has a lid to keep all the pieces safe.

Due to the small size of the cookie cutters, and the detailed nature of the rabbit shapes, these offer quite an advanced experience for children. It takes control, dexterity and precision to cut out the dough and pop out the shapes without accidentally leaving a foot or the ears behind in the cookie cutter! It's therefore an excellent experience for older children, or those who would benefit from being encouraged to slow down their movements and work more deliberately. As a little tip - dusting the cookie cutters in flour before pressing them into the dough will help the shapes slide out more easily!

Please note: The set only includes ONE letter 'o'. The picture indicates the words 'I  LOVE YOU' spelled out, but in order to create this sentence with the cookie cutters the single 'o' needs to be used twice. Alternatively, the love heart shape can be used in place of one letter 'o'.