"I'm Red-dy to Garden" Gift Set


I can't resist a good pun (or a bad one!) hence the name I've bestowed upon this set of bright red gardening tools - "I'm Red-dy to Garden"!

But don't let my dodgy pun put you off this delightful item! It's the perfect gift set to inspire a child to connect with nature. The set features four beautiful, high-quality, sturdy and functional tools - the bucket, rake, spade and shovel. These can be used for real 'Practical Life' work such as tending to the garden but could also be used at the beach or in the sandpit. 

The measurements for the tools are as follows...

Rake: 32cm length (handle 30cm). Rake head 2 cm length, rake prongs 4cm length x 10cm width.

Spade (flat head): 38cm length (handle 30cm). Spade head 9.5cm length x 7.5cm width.

Shovel (angled head): 40cm length (handle 30cm). Shovel head 10cm length x 7.5cm width. 

Bucket: 15cm height (handle is an additional 12cm height). Diameter of bucket base = 13cm. Diameter at opening of bucket = 17cm. 

Please note that the slight difference between the 'spade' and 'shovel' is that the spade's head is a flat rectangle, ideal for digging particularly in hard-packed soils or where soil needs to be turned, whereas the shovel has an angled head for scooping and transferring. 

The short length of the handles make these the perfect tools for toddlers but, as my handy helper is kindly demonstrating, they can also be used very effectively by older children.

This set is from the popular German brand Redecker - renowned for its high-quality and aesthetically appealing traditional tools.