The Inspiralizer is an ingenious contraption that simultaneously promotes healthy eating and physical coordination!

It turns fruits and vegetables into “noodles” that can either act as a healthy solo snack or, in some cases, can be used as a healthy (and ‘gluten free’) substitution for pasta dishes.

The Inspiralizer can be used with a very broad range of foods from A for apples to Z for zucchini and so much in between…cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, pears, turnips and more!

The Inspiralizer can be used with basically any item that has firm flesh and ideally with a 1.5 inch diameter and a 2 inch length (this optimises the results, but some smaller items can still be ‘spiralized’ but with a less consistent outcome!)

Simply load the fruit or vegetable into the teeth plate and turn the handle to push it towards the blades.

Four separate blades are included to create several distinct styles;

Blade A: Wide ribbon noodles

Blade B: Fettucine-style noodles

Blade C: Linguine-style nooodes

Blade D: Spaghetti-style / angel hair pasta


The blades can easily be changed by simply rotating the settings on the small green knob at the side of the unit. This ensures that fingers never have to get anywhere near the blades!

The Inspiralizer unit measures approximately 24cm length x 10cm width with a height of around 19cm so it fits easily on a kitchen benchtop or on a child’s table or workspace. The base includes two suction plates (front and back) to help hold it in place while the spiralizing happens!

The Inspiralizer comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet, which also includes a few recipes you can try with this great new tool! 

Go to for videos tutorials, tips and recipes!


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