Kids Rigger Gloves

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"Tough gloves for little helpers!"

A durable set of gloves for outdoor adventurers and creative construction workers!

Young children love to be involved in 'Practical Life' experiences such as gardening and construction. These experiences promote fine and gross motor skills, responsible behaviour, patience and foresight (and more!). It is, of course, extremely important to offer safety equipment to protect the child's hands! The Kids Rigger gloves provide some protection for your eager helpers.

The gloves are a sturdy combination of synthetic bicast leather (or "PU" leather) and cotton. The cotton cuffs cover the wrists and the sensitive knuckle areas are protected by a double layer of bicast leather and cotton working together!

Available in two gender-neutral colour combinations (because boys and girls are equally welcome in the garden!):

-Blue and grey

-Orange and grey (coming soon!)

These high-quality and durable Gloves offer protection from prickly plants or crawling creatures. The attractive aesthetic of the gloves closely resembles the style one might find on adult work gloves. This makes the child feel empowered as a 'real', grown-up worker.  

The gloves are recommended for ages 8 to 12 but they may fit younger children. Each finger of the gloves measures approximately 6cm long. The palm of the glove is around 7cm x 8cm. The cuff at the base of the palm provides an extra   5cm of coverage to protect the wrists.

The Rigger Gloves are the perfect companion to our Child's Tool Kit..


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