Knitting Kit




An adorable and functional gift for a child who is ready to learn the art of knitting! 

The Knitting Kit comes in a cute and compact tin suitcase (19.5 x 13cm, with a height of 7cm) and contains everything needed to get started on a range of knitting styles.

The Kit includes...

  • 2 sets of knitting needles (long & short)
  • Circular frames for making pom-poms
  • 5 bales of coloured wool
  • 2 rolls of cotton thread
  • Wooden french knitter 'mushroom'
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • 3 embroidery needles 
  • Crochet hook
  • Pouch for holding tools

It also comes with diagrams and instructions (displayed on the interior of the lid) to help a child to get started creating woollen wonders!

Knitting is a wonderful fine motor exercise and it often provides an almost 'meditative' like experience. Avid knitters will know that once the movements of the hands become automatic there is a sense of relaxation that comes from repeating these rhythmic motions. Knitting can therefore be a great hobby for a child who needs that balance of being engaged while still 'switching off' from the stress of modern life. A child can feel a great sense of accomplishment by moving through those stages from initially needing 100% concentration to attempt the techniques for the first time, through to the satisfaction of mastery.