Lacing Circle



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The Lacing Circle offers a fantastic starting point for sewing experiences. It helps a child extend on their threading skills and transition this ability towards the act of sewing or embroidery. It comes with four coloured threads (shoelaces) that can weave in and out of the holes on the wooden circle to create lines, shapes or patterns.

The Lacing Circle measures approximately 21cm in diameter. The wooden base that holds it upright measures approximately 20.5cm in width. 


The Lacing Circle can either stay upright on its stand, allowing a child to easily peer at either side of it as they work, or can be removed from the stand and held in the child's hand. 

The child builds hand-eye coordination, motor control and concentration through the process of carefully threading the string through the holes. 

There are varying degrees of difficulty available through this material, from simply threading a single string back and forth to creating elaborate interconnected patterns with multiple strands of colour. 

Threading exercises like the Lacing Circle are a wonderful opportunity to prepare the child's hand for writing, as the 'pincer grip' (used to hold a pencil/pen) can be practiced when holding the thread and the beads.