Large Glass Pitcher

Montessori Child



Around 19cm tall with a with of approximately 15cm at the broader part of the vessel. 

It features a sturdy handle on one side and the natural curve of the lip on the opposing side provides the perfect spot for a second hand to be placed when carrying or pouring.

The Pitcher does become quite heavy when full, making it an appropriate tool for an older child who is displaying strong motor coordination.

The size and attractive glass aesthetic of the jug makes it an ideal centrepiece on a communal 'dining table'. It is an appropriate size to hold a healthy beverage (such as water or juice) to be poured between several friends. 

Or the perfect size for a 'sink and float' experiment!

The Large Glass Pitcher is a fragile object. We advise you to please consider our Safety Advice and always take appropriate measures, including supervision, when introducing glass into the environment.

Please note; This product attracts our Heavy/Bulky Goods shipping of $28 due to its size/weight and the amount of packaging required to send it safely in one piece!