'Le Jardin' Tool Belt

Play Imports



A delightful, rustic Tool Belt from the whimsical 'Moulin Roty' range. As the name suggests it is intended for "Le Jardin" (or "the garden") but it is versatile enough to be used for a range of purposes. It provides a convenient, portable storage space for the tools of any budding gardener, builder, chef or artist!

The belt features 3 pockets measuring approximately 12cm wide by 17cm high. These are deep enough to carry gardening tools, construction tools, cooking utensils or art supplies.


The apron itself measures 40cm wide by 23cm tall. The adjustable strap is approximately 50cm long. For a younger and/or smaller child the apron can 'wrap around' most of the body, with the strap pulled completely tight (the loose end can be tucked into one of the pockets). For an older and/or larger child the apron section can sit at the front of the body with the strap reaching around the back. It could potentially fit a range of sizes, from a child with a waist circumference from 40cm up to around 85cm.

The strap closes through a metal slide, meaning that even a preschooler will be able to independently secure and remove the apron (after a presentation to master the skill, of course!)