Lift Bridge Construction Set



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This Construction Set provides a child with all the materials needed to create a functional 'Truss' style Lift Bridge. The pieces are natural wood and plywood. Clear instructions are provided - as is the glue that can be used to hold the pieces in place - so everything is self-contained and ready to go! All your child needs to add is a pair of scissors for trimming the 'rope' (string) and his/her hands to construct the bridge!

When complete the Bridge stands around 24cm tall with a width of 60cm and depth of 10cm. The completed Bridge can be decorated with realistic stickers and road signs that are included in the set.

The Lift Bridge could be constructed by an individual child (it is recommended for ages 8+ and can be built in around an hour if all goes smoothly!). It can, however, also form the basis of a project between partners or a team. If introduced as a collaborative task then the Lift Bridge will help to promote communication skills, task-management and cooperation.

The pieces of the Lift Bridge can be glued together to create a more solid, long-lasting structure. It can, however, be built effectively without gluing. If the glue is not used then the construction process can be followed by a deconstruction where the child takes the pieces apart again. This provides an opportunity for the child to repeat the process in the future. It also means that the Lift Bridge can be utilised by multiple siblings or by many members of a classroom community. 

My favourite thing about the Lift Bridge set is that it still has purpose even when the construction process is complete. The building itself will provide the child with an engaging project but once built the bridge can be lowered and lifted to demonstrate its action. This prevents it from becoming a 'static' object and ensures that it is an ongoing, open-ended experience. The finished, functional bridge could provide an opportunity for further activity - such as testing its weight limits by attempting to lift various objects or by making it part of a model town or train set. Since the wood is uncoated the completed bridge can also be decorated by being varnished or painting - adding an artistic flair to this engineering experience!

The Lift Bridge construction set will particularly appeal to train-lovers! This style of bridge is most frequently used in the real world for railways. So if your child was a Thomas the Tank Engine fan but has outgrown the characters while maintaining the interest then the Lift Bridge might be the perfect extension!