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The Game of Light and The Game of Shadows are not just books - they are invitations to engage in activity and exploration!

It's author, Herve Tullet, is an artist with a particular passion for inspiring children to interact, imagine, visualise and create.

The Game of Light and The Game of Shadows both feature hard cardboard pages with cut out images and patterns. The child takes a torch and uses these pages to project those patterns onto the wall, ceiling or cubby! 

Each page contains just a few words to encourage the child to engage in activity or to draw attention to the particular pattern being projected.

The books can be a shared experience between parent and child, an independent exploration or a fun game played by friends (especially appropriate for a 'sleepover'!). 

The books would be perfect for an early childhood exploration of light and shadow. Many early childhood educators would be familiar with the practices of the schools in the Reggio Emilia province of Italy. In these schools there is a strong emphasis on the importance of art and visual expression, including a look at the interplay between light and shadows. Many early childhood environments have taken inspiration from this by creating "dark dens". Inside these darkened tents the children explore with light and shadows using a variety of open-ended props. The Game of Light and Game of Shadows would be an ideal addition to a dark den environment!

Both books are designed to become part of a bedtime routine. The final pages indicate that it is time for sleep. The Game of Shadows ending with the words "now snuggle up in your bed, think of all you've seen, and make your way slowly, into the land of dreams". The Game of Light ends with "a shooting star leads you to sleep". 

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