Magnetic Mouse Maze



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A unique and quirky exercise for promoting visual tracking and hand-eye coordination. Simply place the walls of the maze on the wooden platform to create a labyrinth for the little mouse - you can make the maze easier or more complex depending on the confidence and abilities of the user. Then place one of the 'dragging wands' beneath the platform to manipulate and move the little mouse through the maze towards the cheese!


The Magnetic Mouse Maze includes 2 dragging wands, 2 wooden mice and a piece of wooden cheese. The game could be presented as an individual exercise (with a wand and mouse kept spare!) or can be used as a friendly 'race' between older children who feel comfortable with the process and wish to incorporate a social element.


For older children (or even for a team of adults in a workplace!) this material also makes an excellent exercise in communication and teamwork. A pair of partners approach the maze; the partner using the magnetic dragging wand wears a blindfold so he/she can not see the maze but must instead rely on the verbal instructions of the partner to get the mouse to the cheese! The blindfolded partner must rely on trust and meaningful listening to achieve the target, while the navigating partner must think carefully about how to choose words, directions and corrections in a way which are both supportive and practical. Simple directions of "left", "right" and "forward" might be enough to get you started but when it comes to actually getting the mouse through the small gap in each wall, and moving the right distance forward before each turn, a much more deliberate and detailed system of communication and teamwork needs to be developed between partners.


A Blindfold can be used for the aforementioned teamwork exercise.


Please note: A small amount of assembly is required just to place the 'walls' and to screw the 4 legs into the platform- no tools/equipment required and the child(ren) could be involved in, or responsible for, the assembly process.