Marble House


A charming twist on the ball track concept. 

The gorgeous little 'Marble House' measures approximately 21cm in width by 34cm in height. This is just the right size for a toddler who is sitting up in front of it - and it is lightweight enough for the toddler to collect and carry independently! Each 'marble' (actually small wooden balls) measures approximately 3cm in diameter. 

The Marble House is a fun, engaging activity that will generate a great deal of delight. As the child repeatedly drops the balls into the "chimney" a sense of concentration is developed. 

The Marble House also provides the additional 'visual tracking' exercise of allowing the eyes to follow a smoothly moving target. Visually tracking is an incredibly important pre-reading skill so it is useful for young children to engage in activities that literally exercise the muscles of the eyes in preparation for tracking words across a page!

The Marble House is particularly unique because it also incorporates the idea of 'object permanence'. The balls intermittently 'disappear' behind the house, encouraging the child to identify that an object does not cease to exist just because it is no longer visible.