Math Dice Game


Any adult who has watched the TV show 'Letters and Numbers' (based on the BBC show 'Countdown') will know the cognitive challenge of trying to reach a target number with a series of smaller digits.

The game of Math Dice is based on the same concept and comes in two levels of difficulty.

Math Dice Jr (the foundation level) includes a large 12 sided die which provides the "target" number. The other 5 dice (standard 6 sided) are the "scoring" dice. The amounts shown on each of the scoring dice are used to reach the target number through addition and/or subtraction. 

For instance, if the target die shows a 10 and the scoring dice show 1, 4, 6, 2, 3 then a possible equation would be: 
6 + 4 + 1 + 2 = 13. 13 - 3 = 10. 

Each time a player correctly reaches the target using the scoring dice he or she moves forward on the Scoring Track. 

For a child who prefers to work independently the Scoring Track could be removed so that the child can simply throw the dice to inspire this cognitive challenge!

This game is designed to reinforce early addition and subtraction skills in a creative manner. Rather than simply repeating exercises or worksheets a child is able to work with an engaging game that is fun yet challenging. 

Math Dice Jr is recommended for children from age 6 onwards. I have known children younger than six who have been able to use this game with some one on one scaffolding from an adult (rather than as an interactive game between two children). 


Math Dice is the more advanced level of the same concept. This time it involves multiplication and requires more complex equations.

It includes two 12 sided target dice. The player rolls both target dice and then multiplies the two numbers to find the target.

The player then rolls the 3 regular 6-sided Scoring Dice. The quantities shown can be combined in many ways using multiplication, addition and subtraction. 

For instance, if the two target dice read 8 and 4 then these are multiplied to reach a target of 32.

The Scoring Dice might be rolled to show a 5, 2 and 6 - which could then be combined as (5 x 6) + 2 = 32.

Math Dice is recommended for children from 8+ but younger learners who show confidence in maths may also enjoy attempting this with adult support.

In Math Dice the Target and Scoring dice are all smaller than those in Math Dice Jr.

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