This resource is the perfect embodiment of the phrase "tiny but mighty". The MiMicro's physical size is only around 4cm but it has a magnification power of 60x. Its small size means that it is perfect for a child to keep in a pocket (or school bag) ready for spontaneous explorations. 
The pint-sized scope also features a UV light so that it is easier to examine objects even in dim lighting or when they are close enough to the scope to block natural light.
A small dial can be turned to focus the image to create the clearest possible exploration. 
The MiMicro can reveal the unique landscapes of natural objects, such as the geography of a rock or the veins of a leaf, or can show the minute details of manmade items such as bank notes. The zoom is powerful enough to read the barely perceptible writing that makes up the images on various dollar notes (such as the $10 shown below).
For more inspiration about using magnifying and microscopes for explorations of nature please read this great blog post by Racheous