Mini Cylinder Puzzle


A delightful miniature version of the Montessori Knobbed Cylinder set, this is a perfect starter for toddlers and a great way of bringing the magic of Montessori into the home. The Mini Cylinder Puzzle helps young children refine their visual discrimination skills and promotes the development of the 'pincer grip' that will later be used for writing.

The Mini Cylinder block measures 12cm x 4.5cm x 5cm with three small cylinders in differing dimensions. The cylinders measure 3.5cm in diameter, 3cm and 2.5cm. 

The main goal of the Cylinder Puzzle is to promote the visual assessment of diameter. The child is encouraged to match the dimension of the cylinder to its corresponding empty spot in the block. They are placed in order from largest to smallest (or smallest to largest!) to develop the skills of gradation. This also provides a great opportunity for the introduction of this language - 'smallest, smaller, larger, largest' and so on. 

The wooden knob on the top of the cylinder encourages the development of the tri-finger ‘pincer grip’ associated with writing. It naturally prompts the child to use those three fingers to pick up and place the cylinder, which makes it a great fine motor experience. It helps to promote refinement of dexterity and coordination.

Recommended for ages 12 months +

The Cylinders are made from sustainable plantation timber and are stained with non-toxic, child-safe materials and meet Aus/NZ Safety Standards 8124.