Mini Magnifying Glass




These cute Mini Magnifying Glasses feature nature-themed motifs to inspire investigation of the miniature world. Each magnifying glass measures approximately 12cm (with the length of the handle being 6cm and the diameter of the circular frame being 6cm).

There are four colours and themes to choose from (make sure you select your preference from the drop-down menu!);

  • Yellow with flowers & snails
  • Blue with cobwebs & spiders
  • Orange with flowers & bees
  • Green with leaves & bugs

One side of each wooden frame features the coloured background with nature motif, while the other side features only the colour if you'd prefer a less distracting viewpoint.

The Mini Magnifying Glasses are (as one of my pre-schoolers discovered!) quite literally pocket sized! This makes them convenient and portable for on-the-go explorations or trips out into nature.


The small size also makes them ideal for provocations or activities that have been arranged by a parent or educator. They fit easily onto a tray or in a basket so they can act as deliberate inspiration to help a child start investigating details more closely.