Mini Mushroom Farm


A Mini Mushroom Farm - with delicious fungi growing straight out of a little box in your home or classroom!

Grow your own organic mushrooms – in as little as 10 days – simply by misting the ‘farm’ twice a day (misting spray bottle included).

The farm box measures 12 x 9 x 18cm so it is compact enough to squeeze into the smallest kitchen or activity space.

Simply open the box (ensure that an adult cuts the box open), soak the interior bag then mist the mushrooms twice a day.

The Mini Mushroom Farm is the perfect introduction to growing your own foods. It is particularly ideal if you live in an apartment, or if your school does not have access to an edible garden, as it provides a compact and convenient way to learn about the concept of growth from ‘farm to table’.

Share a picture at showing your child with his/her mushroom farm and Fluid Growers will donate a Mini Mushroom Kit to a primary school!


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