Mini Rolling Pin

Mercurius Australia


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A cute and petite rolling pin in classic wood and red, perfect for even the tiniest of hands!

The Mini Rolling Pin has a span of only 17cm.

The red handles on either side measure approximately 4cm across - ideal for a toddler who is eager to help with the cooking!

The actual cylindrical rolling section (natural wood) measures approximately 8cm in length with the cylinder having a diameter of around 3cm.

The cylinder rolls on a steel axle, which should provide smooth rolling for a long lifespan.

It requires a surprising amount of dexterity and control for a child to effectively use a rolling pin. It is quite an engaging challenge to learn to place the correct amount of pressure to flatten the dough without making it wrap around the rolling pin. Toddlers or pre-school age children can use the Rolling Pin to practise and acquire this skill while assisting parents or teachers with baking.