Mini Wire Whisk


The Mini Whisk measures approximately 18cm including the handle. The wire whisk itself is a small, streamlined design.
There is a metal ring on the end of the handle which can be used for hanging the tool on a hook.

Whisks are incredibly useful in a variety of different recipes so it is an ideal tool for a Montessori inspired kitchen, either at home or in the classroom.

In my own Montessori classroom we do use whisks for baking, but they are more commonly selected by children who want to "make bubbles"! This is an exercise that is used in our classroom for practical purposes - we use the bubble mixture to help wash some of the classroom materials - but the children also enjoy performing it as an exercise even if they don't start out with a specific plan about what to wash! The process can be completed by an individual but I most often observe this activity being undertaken by a group of children together. The multiple steps involved, which can happen concurrently, tend to encourage this natural teamwork. So what are the steps that we follow to "make bubbles"...

  • A child uses a miniature grater to turn a bar of soap into soap shavings.
  • These shavings are gathered in a vessel, such as a small bowl or a jug. 
  • A child picks a large mixing bowl and uses a measuring jug to collect water to pour into the bowl.
  • When there are enough soap shavings a spoon is used to transfer them into the water.
  • A child uses a whisk to mix the soap shavings into the water. This creates a lovely, sensory layer of bubbles on top of the solution.

We tend to then use the bubbly solution for washing activities and the water can then be refreshed as needed (so that the process can be repeated). My Montessori children tend to engage in lots of repetition - even if they are not washing something but just practising the steps. It tends to turn into a wonderful collaboration where children swap roles so that they are each able to perform the steps (grating, spooning, pouring, whisking). I love watching the intense energy and concentration that goes into two of the steps in particular - the grating and the whisking! 

Please note: a second variant with a broader whisk is also available.