Miniature Cutlery Set




An absolutely adorable Miniature Cutlery Set perfect for toddlers who are learning to use utensils independently. 


These tiny but functional forks, spoons and butter knives scaffold the child for success by fitting perfectly into tiny hands and also ensuring that individual bites/servings are kept to manageable sizes.


Each utensil measures approximately 11cm in length. The set features 4 forks, 4 spoons and 4 butter knives. These are presented in a beautiful wooden box (measuring 10 x 13cm) that keeps the cutlery organised. 


For information about helping your child acquire independence with eating please visit the wonderful Aid to Life website by clicking here.

The Miniature Cutlery Set could also be used for table setting activities. This should ideally happen as a natural and practical part of the child's early eating experiences. As the child 'outgrows' the cutlery the table setting work can still be presented as an exercise or reminder. Some great information about Montessori Table Setting work is available from the incredible blog Living Montessori Now, which you can read by clicking here


The lifespan of the Miniature Cutlery Set can also be extended through 'sorting' exercises. A preschooler whose hands have grown beyond the size of the utensils, might be encouraged to use the set as a sensorial 'stereognostic' sorting activity. This involves using the sense of touch alone to compare and catalogue objects. A child could close his/her eyes, or wear a blindfold, to try to sort the cutlery into the right sections of the wooden box.