Montessori Baby Mobiles


Please note: the following item is not available directly from Montessori Child. We feature it here, with the permission of the supplier, to help our customers connect with this special Montessori resource. To order yours please visit Montessori Living on Etsy. Any enquiries submitted to Montessori Child will be forwarded directly to Montessori Living. Any sales/shipping discounts offered through Montessori Child are not applicable to the Montessori Living Mobiles.

Sarah Wittman, AMI trained Montessori educator and talented (yet humble!) artist, makes these stunning Montessori Mobiles by hand - and by heart.


Please view our gallery to see these irresistibly appealing mobiles.

Place your orders at Montessori Living's Etsy Shop or visit Sarah's full website Montessori Living.

Each mobile is carefully crafted to ensure beauty and balance. 

Sarah offers the following styles:

The types of mobiles reflect both Montessori principles and aspects of infant development. For instance, the presence of black and white mobiles relates to the fact that the young infant's eyesight is still initially somewhat unfocused (blurry) and so high contrast images are more appealing and clear.

Sarah's descriptions of the mobiles provide details about their benefits and uses (beyond their beautiful looks!). In short, the Montessori mobiles help to encourage;

  • visual focus
  • visual discrimination (of shape, colour, size)
  • concentration
  • hand-eye coordination

The mobiles are available in sets so that you can have the full progression of mobiles for your own child, or to hang in an Infant Toddler classroom community.

Sarah uses non-toxic materials to help protect the safety and well-being of your little one.

The mobiles are available in sets of four. This allows you to invest in a range to support your own baby's progression of development. The offer of the set of four could also be utilised in a Montessori Infant Community to create various points of interest. 

Sarah also offers a Montessori consultancy services to help parents integrate Montessori principles, practices and materials into the home. Those of you based in Melbourne might benefit from spending some time with Sarah to redesign your child's home environment, purchase or create helpful resources and plan some of your approaches.

More information is available from Sarah's website: Montessori Living.

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